RSB Content Management

RSB provides services for converting books, periodicals, magazines, journals, or legacy materials of scientific publishing, legal documents, newspapers etc. into mark-up languages (SGML, HTML, XML and other customized mark-up languages) with exceptional accuracy in mark-ups, formats and characters.

RSB can convert any electronic input (InDesign, Quark Express, PDF, etc.) into other electronic outputs such as XML, HTML, SGML and other word processing formats.
We are an integrated solution provider catering to all print and electronic content need. We have proven expertise and technology know-how to cater to scientific, math and academic books and journals of the print and electronic content publishers and have worked with world leading content aggregators and syndicators.


RSB Systems has expertise in all types of data conversion. We specialize in the digitization of large volumes of content: newspapers, books, journals, public records and a variety of forms, surveys, indexes and other documents from print, electronic images & microfilm

Features of an RSB Systems business intelligence solution may include data capture and conversion from existing systems, data updating and incorporation of customized tools to allow analysis at different levels of the business, and maintenance and data archiving services, to ensure data is stored systematically and available on demand.

We do look forward to providing a competitive business solution based on our 07 years of experience in the field.

RSB conversion solutions include:

  • Text encoding to XML, SGML, XHTML, proprietary formats as well as other distance learning formats, printon
  • demand formats, and electronic book formats such as Microsoft, Open eBook (OEB) and Adobe PDF
  • OCR and re-keying services
  • Electronic publishing database design
  • Indexing and abstracting services